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Local Law 11 NYC Compilance and Facade Inspections by AAA NY Contracting Corp - FISP NYC

Local Law 11,  also known as the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) in NYC, was enacted to ensure the safety of building facades. Its main purpose is to prevent accidents caused by falling debris or failing facades, which can pose serious risks to public safety.


This law mandates periodic inspections of building facades, typically every five years, by a licensed professional to assess their structural integrity and safety. It requires property owners to maintain their exteriors in a safe condition and make necessary repairs or improvements to ensure compliance with safety standards.


Compliance with Local Law 11 is important to prevent potential hazards and maintain the structural integrity of buildings, thereby safeguarding the well-being of residents and pedestrians.

AAA NY Contracting Corp Introduction

Most property owners often search for local law 11 contractors near me NYC, the good news, is you don’t have to search further as AAA NY Contracting Corp is now serving NYC and its surrounding areas.


At AAA NY Contracting Corp, we specialize in ensuring the safety and compliance of building facades in accordance with Local Law 11. With a dedication to upholding the highest standards of safety and structural integrity, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field of facade inspections.


At AAA NY Contracting Corp, our expertise lies in conducting thorough inspections of building exteriors, adhering to the requirements outlined in Local Law 11. Our team comprises qualified and certified experts who bring their knowledge and experience to every inspection.

Our Services

Here’s a breakdown of our services related to Local Law 11 compliance and facade inspections:


Comprehensive Facade Inspections

Our team conducts thorough inspections of building facades, following the guidelines set by Local Law 11. This includes thorough visual examinations, close-up inspections, and sometimes non-destructive testing to assess facade conditions.


Understanding the Inspection Process

We provide clarity on the entire inspection process, guiding our customers through each step. From scheduling the inspection to understanding the criteria used for evaluation, we ensure complete transparency and understanding.


Compliance Assistance and Consultation

Our experts offer in-depth consultation services to help building owners comprehend Local Law 11 requirements. We assist in interpreting regulations, discussing compliance strategies, and outlining the necessary actions to meet the standards.


Project Management Services

Should repairs or maintenance be necessary, we provide project management expertise. This includes liaising with contractors, overseeing the implementation of recommended actions, ensuring adherence to safety standards, and monitoring progress.


Repair and Maintenance Recommendations

Based on inspection findings, we offer tailored recommendations for repairs or maintenance needed to ensure compliance. These recommendations prioritize safety while addressing specific facade concerns.


Detailed Report Preparation

Following the inspection, we prepare comprehensive reports that detail findings, including photographs and descriptions of any issues or areas needing attention. These reports comply with regulatory standards and provide clear guidance for necessary repairs or maintenance.


Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

Our commitment extends beyond inspection and reporting. We offer continuous support, addressing questions and concerns post-inspection. Follow-up services ensure that recommended measures have been effectively implemented and compliance maintained.


Proactive Maintenance Planning

We assist in developing proactive maintenance plans aimed at preserving facade integrity. By scheduling regular maintenance and inspections, we help prevent potential issues and ensure ongoing compliance with Local Law 11.

Local Law 11 Explained

As a  property owner, it’s important to understand Local Law 11 to help you make an informed decision when searching for Local Law 11 contractors near me NYC. Here’s a breakdown of the significance of Local Law 11, the inspection process, the role of Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWIs), filing deadlines, and compliance maintenance:

NYC Local Law 10 - Local Law 11 (FISP) Facade Inspection

The transition from Local Law 10 to Local Law 11, which introduced the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), marked a shift in ensuring the structural safety of building facades in New York City.

Local Law 10 (1980)

 Local Law 10 was enacted in 1980, mandating facade inspections every five years for buildings taller than six stories. Its primary focus was on visual inspections from the ground, aiming to identify potential hazards but not necessarily assessing the entire facade’s condition thoroughly.

Transition to Local Law 11 (1998 - FISP)

Local Law 11, introduced in 1998 as an amendment to Local Law 10, elevated the standards for facade inspections and safety. The Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) under Local Law 11 mandated more comprehensive inspections, requiring closer assessments by Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWIs).


Unlike its predecessor, Local Law 11 emphasizes hands-on inspections that involve close-up examinations, probing, and sometimes non-destructive testing to evaluate facade conditions more thoroughly. The shift to Local Law 11 was a step toward enhancing structural safety by identifying potential issues that could pose risks to occupants and passersby.

Importance of Facade Inspections for Structural Safety and Compliance

  • Facade inspections conducted under Local Law 11/FISP are important for identifying structural weaknesses, deteriorations, or hazards that could compromise the safety of building exteriors.
  • These inspections help prevent incidents such as falling debris, facade collapses, or other structural failures that could endanger public safety.
  • Compliance with Local Law 11/FISP ensures that building owners are proactively maintaining their facades, addressing any identified issues promptly, and thereby upholding safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Facade Inspections Section

Here’s a  look at the detailed process involved in facade inspections, covering classification, reports, repair recommendations, and project management:

Classification of Facade Conditions

Critical: Identifies immediate hazards or risks that need urgent attention to ensure safety.

Unsafe: Indicates areas that, while not an immediate hazard, require prompt repair or action to prevent deterioration.

Safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program (SWARMP): Denotes areas needing repair or maintenance within a stipulated timeframe to prevent deterioration.

Inspection Reports

Detailed reports are prepared by Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWIs) based on their findings during inspections. The reports include photographs, descriptions, and classifications of facade conditions, complying with Local Law 11/FISP requirements. It also includes recommendations for repairs, maintenance, or improvements necessary for compliance and structural integrity are clearly outlined.

Repair Recommendations

Based on inspection findings, recommendations are given that prioritize necessary repairs or maintenance actions to ensure compliance with safety standards. These recommendations are tailored to address specific facade concerns, focusing on safety while considering structural integrity.

Project Management Services

Upon identification of repairs or maintenance needs, project management services are offered.

This involves coordinating with contractors, obtaining necessary permits, overseeing repair work, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. Project managers monitor progress, quality of workmanship, and adherence to the specified repair recommendations.

Our Process

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of AAA NY Contracting Corp’s process for Local Law 11 compliance, encompassing consultation to implementation:


Initial Consultation and Assessment

We engage with the building owner/manager to understand their needs, discuss Local Law 11 compliance requirements, and outline the inspection process. We will then evaluate the building’s history, prior inspection reports, and any known facade issues to tailor the approach.


Planning and Proposal

Our experts will develop a customized inspection plan, considering the building’s unique characteristics and compliance deadlines. We will also present a comprehensive proposal outlining the inspection methodology, timeline, and associated costs for approval.


Facade Inspection Conducted by QEWIs

We will contact QEWIs to perform hands-on inspections, examine facade conditions, conduct close-up assessments, and use necessary testing methods. This inspection will include detailed documentation of findings, including photographs, descriptions, and classifications of facade conditions, complying with Local Law 11 standards.


Project Management and Implementation

Our team of experts will execute the approved repairs or maintenance as per Local Law 11 compliance standards. Our project managers will oversee the implementation phase, ensuring adherence to safety protocols, quality workmanship, and timely completion.


Proposal Approval and Project Initiation

Our team will obtain approval from the building owner/manager for recommended repairs or maintenance actions. We will commence project management activities, including obtaining necessary permits and scheduling repair work.


Report Preparation and Recommendations

Our experts will prepare comprehensive reports with clear classifications (Critical, Unsafe, SWARMP) and recommendations for repairs or maintenance. We will also provide specific repair recommendations prioritizing safety and compliance, supported by photographic evidence and detailed descriptions.


We were impressed by AAA NY Contracting Corp's professionalism and expertise in conducting facade inspections. Their comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations made compliance seamless.
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