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AAA NY Contracting Corp, A Superior Scaffolding Contractors in Bronx

AAA NY Contracting Corp is your go-to choice for expert scaffolding services in the Bronx, NY area. We are renowned for our expertise, reliability, and commitment to safety, we stand tall in delivering top-notch scaffolding solutions. Our team prioritizes safety above all else, ensuring every project meets standards while providing a dependable and efficient service that you can trust.

Services Offered in Bronx NY

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Scaffolding Rental & Installation

Our scaffolding solutions cater to various construction needs, offering safe and sturdy structures customized to the project’s specifications. We ensure timely installation and dismantle them efficiently after use, maintaining the highest safety standards throughout.


Sidewalk Shed Rental & Installation

Our sidewalk shed rentals and installations provide a secure canopy over sidewalks, ensuring the safety of passersby while construction work progresses overhead.


Safety Netting Services

We specialize in professional installation of safety netting, offering an additional layer of protection on construction sites. Our netting solutions prevent falling debris, promoting a secure working environment for your team.


Jersey Barriers

For traffic and site protection, our durable jersey barriers offer a reliable solution. These barriers serve as protective measures, ensuring safety for both workers and passing vehicles near construction zones.


Material Hoist

Efficiently transport materials with our reliable hoisting systems. Designed for convenience and safety, our material hoists streamline the movement of construction materials, optimizing workflow.


Construction Fencing

Secure your construction area with our customized fencing solutions. Our sturdy fencing helps create defined perimeters, enhancing safety and preventing unauthorized access to the construction site.

Why Choose Us for Scaffolding Service in Bronx NY

Here are reasons why we remain the top choice for scaffolding services in the Bronx:

About Us

AAA NY Contracting Corp has been a cornerstone in the industry for over 15 years pioneering excellence in sidewalk sheds and scaffolding solutions. Since our inception, we’ve evolved, setting benchmarks for quality and safety in construction services.

Values: Our foundation rests on a commitment to safety, exceptional quality, and customer satisfaction. We believe in fostering a culture of reliability, professionalism, and innovation.


Mission: Our mission is to provide superior sidewalk sheds and scaffolding solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. We aim to ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians while contributing to the success of construction projects across the region.


Years of Experience: With 15 years of hands-on experience, we bring expertise to every project. Our team’s knowledge and skill in providing sidewalk sheds and scaffolding services stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Expertise in Sidewalk Sheds and Scaffolding

Our experience in the industry has honed our expertise in providing high-quality sidewalk sheds and scaffolding services. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our approach, integrating the latest technology and safety measures into our solutions. Our track record speaks volumes about our proficiency in delivering reliable, safe, and top-quality structures for various construction projects.

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Customer Reviews

"We've worked with many scaffolding companies, but none compare to the level of professionalism and reliability we experienced with AAA NY Contracting Corp. They made our vision come to reality and for that, we remain thankful"
Sarah Natalie
"The quality of the sidewalk shed we rented was exceptional. It was sturdy and well-maintained, and the installation was done with precision. AAA NY Contracting Corp team's expertise truly shines through."
Michael Rawlings
"Working with AAA NY Contracting Corp was a pleasure. Their team was knowledgeable, responsive, and delivered on time. I will definitely collaborate with them again!"
Blessing Jaja